Nico Gonzalez was impressed with Xavi’s training sessions

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Barcelona’s youngster Nico Gonzalez has been impressed with the way new boss Xavi Hernandez treats the players.

Barcelona’s 19-year-old midfielder Nico Gonzalez has revealed that Xavi Hernandez made an immediate impact. Since the 41-year-old coach took over as the new boss of the Azul Grana ufabet team

And expressed confidence that Barca can still fight to be successful this season as well, according to reports from ‘El Periodigo’, the Catalan media on Friday. 

‘He talks to everyone and is very close. At the end of the training He will come and tell you what he wants from you. He helped us a lot and was amazing. He treats us individually.’

‘Especially in midfield he insists on things that he thinks we need to improve. They always said about him that he would turn his head and look around all the time. And that’s what he confirmed from us in training,’ said the 19-year-old midfielder.

Nico also spoke of the team’s belief that they can compete for the Champions League title. Despite being 11 points behind leaders Real Sociedad, playing less than one game and insisting that he does not want to play any position in Barcelona’s midfield, ‘I feel comfortable playing in midfield. Central duo and a three-man midfield system’