Messi’ s five-star hotel was raided by a cat-paw gang

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Messi ‘s five-star hotel was raided by a cat-paw gang that stole jewelry and cash worth about 300,000 baht. But the cat-man’s room stole

Le Royal Monzo, a five-star hotel in paris And is the accommodation of Lionel Messi for the rental price of 17,000 pounds, or about 575,959 baht per night, being a group of people wearing a robber break into theft But the room of the superstar Paris Saint-Germain no stolen items

A hotel statement found two suspects, with CCTV cameras attempting to climb a balcony on the sixth floor at night, one floor above Messi’s room. arriving from Dubai United Arab Emirates The missing items include a gold necklace worth £3,000 (US$138,000), earrings worth £500 ($23,000) and £2,000 (US$2,000) in cash, and the hotel is working with police to find the perpetrators.

she said “Paying for a luxury place But the theft was a terrible thing. And even worse Can’t finish the villain The next room guest told me. That three more thefts were report and a Moroccan man next door had his watch stolen.”

for this hotel Security has been increase several times. After the arrival of Lionel Messi. Which every day There will be a large crowd of fans gather hoping to see the player out on the balcony. Also in the UEFA game Champions League That he scored in the game against Manchester City, the more football fans come to celebrate in the hotel area.

Messi is preparing to move to a luxury house in Paris. The whole family lik